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Creating a long-lasting plan for your family is imperative to a successful life both emotionally and financially after divorce. The Collaborative Law Process provides an opportunity to take control, make decisions, consider financial options, and create a durable plan that will secure the future of your family.


The Collaborative Law Process is a clearly-defined team approach that takes place in a confidential and private environment. The team consists of you and your spouse, each of your attorneys, a neutral mental health counselor, and a neutral financial planner. The goals and interests of each individual are explored and the couple decides what their family needs - not a judge.


You and your spouse make a commitment to each other and your family that you will approach divorce in a positive and respectful manner which will minimize the negative impact on you and your children. Contact us today. Lisa York is a trained Collaborative Law Professional. Together we can take the first step across the bridge toward making the best decision for your family’s mental well-being and a towards a respectful conclusion to your marriage.

An awesome attorney. Very professional. She helped me through my divorce. Thanks for all you and team do."

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Lisa was a great attorney! Very knowledgable, professional and extremely helpful. I would definitely hire her again."

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Lisa went above and beyond to help me with my family's probate and legal documents. She was very accessible and communicated clearly with each step in the process. Her professionalism, combined with genuine concern and kindness toward my family, was very much appreciated. I recommend her highly."

Posted by M. Hollida

"Burning bridges isn't always a bad thing. It can keep you from going back to a place you shouldn't have been in the first place"

- Unknown
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