Florida law establishes several types of alimony;

  1. Temporary – alimony awarded on a temporary basis during the divorce action.
  2. Rehabilitative – alimony awarded to allow a party to become self-sufficient through re-training, education.
  3. Bridge-the-gap – awarded to provide support while making the transition from being married to being single.
  4. Durational – this alimony is awarded to provide economic assistance for a set period of time (usually related to the time of duration of the marriage)
  5. Permanent – alimony awarded to provide for the necessities of life as enjoyed during the marriage for someone who lacks the financial ability to meet their needs after divorce.
  6. Lump Sum


An alimony recipient may be entitled to one type or a combination of types of alimony, depending upon;

  1. the party's need for alimony,
  2. the other party's ability to pay alimony,
  3. the length of the marriage,
  4. other factors set forth in Florida Statutes §61.08 (2).


Because the issue of alimony can be complex and contested, it’s important to take a very detailed and in-depth look at actual income, assets and the standard of living during the marriage. In some cases, it may be necessary to hire a forensic accountant and/or a vocational rehab professional

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